Third party inspection as per the client requirements for Finned Tubes.

Requested by client,  the undersigned inspector from SGS Shanghai preformed the TPI as per the client requirements for Finned Tubes.

The inspector carried out visual inspecton of the finished finned tubes at 10% random rate,the tubes were clean with no residue left from the finning process and no swarf between them.

The dimension inspection for finished finned tubes should be conducted in accordance with fin tube drawing.

At 10% random rate, the inspection contents are overall length, finned length, bare end length, middle bare tube length, fin tube out diameter, fin heigh, fin thickness , fin pitch, all measureed values for dimension should beaccording to the drawing.

<img src="" style="width: 800px;" width="800" border="0" vspace="0" title="Third party inspection as per the client requirements for Finned Tubes.""/>

SGS inspector reviewed relevant documents such as shop drawing, mill test certificate, fin tube test/inspection & guarantee, incoming inspection report and e-fin tube inspection record, the result was acceptable.  Total finned tubes were correctly counted with end protection

Through the inspection above-mentioned, the result of this visit for fin tubes was satisfactory according to the standard and drawing. The calibration operation of the instruments used for the inspection was satisfied and acceptable.

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